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The “all under one roof” service means there is one point of contact to obtain information and to keep abreast of progress relating to the property transaction.

Furthermore, by coded access to the website progress can be monitored to see at what stage the transaction has reached along the 17 steps through to final registration of the property.

All Steps for Property Acquisition

1. Agreement to Purchase (Payment of reservation deposit where applicable)

2. Application for Mortgage

3. Finance Offer

4. Client acceptance

5. Itemised Schedule of project costs

6. Obtain fiscal number

7. Appoint fiscal representative

8. Power of attorney in name of the representative lawyer (Procuração)

9. Promissory contract + Payment of Deposit

10. Legal Documentation

• Land registery document (Cardeneta)

• Current Fiscal Record (Certidão)

• Previous Deed (Escritura)

• Habitation License (Licença de Habitação)

11. Set up of local bank account

12. Transfer of Funds to cover purchase costs

13. Registration of Mortgage

14. Payment of IMT (Transfer Tax)

15. Deed

16. Registration of Property

17. Establish level of IMI Property Tax (Apply for exemption where applicable)



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